3E in Greece was not only a good chance to travel for education and knowledge but also it opened up a new propesctives for every each of us and helped us to learn about Greek culture more and see many wonderful historical sights during the project, and network with a lot of people internationally and become friends. Before starting to summarize the project results I was hangout our Georgian friends in Georgia 🙂

Project itself gave us a lot of insights about identifying fake news, how to use SWOT analysis and how to think critically when there X thing is happening. Moreover, project contributed to gain a lot about new cultures and either we started liking the new cultures or loving them. After the project us, the participants started thinking faster at work, as the skills that we learned during the project can be used not only identifying the source of an article, but also finding required information on internet.
Besides on the created opportunities project help place in the heart of Greece (at least this is what we felt). Thessaloniki is a city with full of joy, hospitable people, wonderful views and great sunsets. During the project we were close to the nature and after the project had a chance to walk on streets new the Aegean Sea.

Last but not least, the FIOH NGO’s team was awesome during, before and after the project. Team worked us when we had a little accident during the project and always cared about our well-being and motivations.

In a nutshell, 3E Greece was a fruitful collaborative opportunity, a wonderful place to generate life changing ideas and learn and share our knowledge from bottom to the top.

After all, the project has already been ended, however, we are excited to share our experience and knowledge gained in the project with people in Armenia as everyone deserves to understand the importance of real news and resources.

We are looking forward to review the project results during the second part of the project in Thessaloniki again.