Tbilisi-Georgia_2420311bWe’re happy to announce the next call for participants. 3 participants required!!!

Hate is not Our fate is a 3 Phase Training Course which will take place in Georgia-Armenia-Czech Republic.

Georgia Rustavi 3-12 November
Armenia/local activities November-February 2016
Czech Republic 23.02.15- 2.03.2016
PLEASE NOTE! The participants for 1st and 3rd phase should be the same. The project is financed within Erasmus plus project.
For more details regarding the participation do not hesitate to contact us via email info@fioh-ngo.com or call us 095337873



  1. Lida Yeghoyan

    Barev dzez. Es cankanum em dimel Georgia-Czech cragri hamar. Erb karox em gal dzer grasenyak?

    1. fiohadmin

      Dear Lida,
      You can send your CV to info@fioh-ngo. In case you’re chosen we will get back to you to invite you to an interview to our office.

      Should you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us.


  2. Diana Karapetyan

    Hi. I want to know more about this programm. Can you write any concret information about it and it’s purpose?

    1. fiohadmin

      Dear Diana,
      The project has already started. In case you require further information about this or that project, just email to info@fioh-ngo.com or visit us. Our address is: Charents 40/45, Yerevan, AM

  3. AnnA

    Hi, i’ve sent my CV for Georgia-Czech Republic program, and i haven’t got any answer yet, does it mean that i am not selected?

    1. fiohadmin

      Dear Anna, In case you didn’t hear from us within the deadlines, then you’re not chosen for the interview stage of selection process.

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