IMG_627310 days to learn, 10 days of trainings and sessions, 10 days of debates, discussions and presentations, 10 days of incredible intercultural atmosphere, 10 days of unique experience which will stay in our minds forever.
Days which gave a deep insight into diverse methods of non-formal education, facilitation, as well as profound knowledge concerning Europe, EU, Erasmus+, learning and cultures.
A project which emphasized the importance of listening, cooperating, sharing and the concept of one team. A Project where participants had the opportunity to share and even learn more from other participants’ experiences. One can’t but mention the importance of intercultural exchange. People from different European countries representing their cultures, their identity, their views. Niether language barrier, nor cultural one could prevent us from being a team. A team that was together during the sessions and during the free time. And in this environment, a crazy experience exchange was going on. We understood that each of us could make a project with anybody from the group. In such moments you start to realize that European identity is in all of us what makes many things in our communication much easier.
The project itself gave us the opportunity not only to learn, but also to understand how to teach, how to facilitate. Conflict resolution, facilitating and facilitator’s roles were played and performed in a couple of situations. A number of presentations on methods of non-formal education, on spot role plays implemented by the participants themselves, enthusiasm, readiness to share, learn, do the best, gain more and more. Every person is individual and we experienced it and paid proper attention to it starting from stronger characters who usually dominate among the group up to the shyest ones whose ideas were as valuable as the others.
In the end we learnt that during learning we have to be tolerant and patient, as far as knowledge is great power and any great power is not given easily. Our course showed to all of us, how similar we are and how different at the same time, but the path to learn is always the same the most important being just listening to each other.

Armenia was represented by Heghine Ghazaryan, Armen Tarberdyan, Mariam Hakobjanyan

Partner from Armenia: Future in Our Hands Youth NGO