FIOH AZORES PROJECT The project – “Youth Together for a Better Life” -aimed to stimulate discussion on the impact and potential of cohesion and mutual understanding about healthy lifestyles in young population. Through the promotion of a “Youth Exchange”, that offered a space and conditions for an active and enriching intercultural dialogue, the primary objective was to compare and discuss public policies, stereotypes, prejudices, projects, programs and campaigns related to consumption of illicit substances in the countries involved in this pr reject and to empower participants to an active role in their communities and among their peer groups (multiplier effect). It  intended to form a network of support and development of new strategies of action that might enable future actions, partnership and training in this area, particularly in the context of 3.1 action in YiA. This activity took place in the Azores archipelago, specifically in the Terceira Island – a wonderful place full of natural beauty and history – and gathered 35 young participants from 7 countries Serbia, Georgia, Lithuania, Italy, Armenia, Spain and Portugal.

The project took place from 6-13 of October.