1From August 11-17 3 of our volunteers took part in a Startup Summit which took place in Brno, Czech Republic.

The project was designed to help the young people to overcome problems such as unemployment and on the other hand get some entrepreneurial competences and to conduct activities which could help to develop their own potential.

The aim of the training course was to change attitudes of young people towards each of basic principles of entrepreneurship and to provide them with knowledge and competence which would help them to decide whether they are the right ones for opening their own business and eventually help them with the first entrepreneurial steps.  At the end of the project the participants had to create a business plan for their own business

On the first day of the project the participants had to do a kind of self-reflection and try to think about some business ideas they would like to realize. Afterward they separated into several groups with the participants who had similar ideas and started to work together on their ideas.

Besides this, during the project this group works were accompanied by different interesting sessions and workshops on the topic of the project. The hosting organization organized different lessons to help the participants to have better ideas and get some skills on entrepreneurship.

They learned about the process of establishing a business, how to create good advertising company and choose marketing strategy, how to create and edit video and the most important, that is how to present the business to the public. Moreover, for being a successful entrepreneurship they got some practical lessons on communication skills and on being a good public speaker.

During this training course participants also played managerial games, team building games as well as city games in order to discover Brno and Prague.

The winning business idea belonged to Gayane Saghoyan from Armenia. Her idea was to create special accessories with printed paintings of Armenian artists. We’re sure that the participation in the project will help her in the future to realize her interesting business idea.

All in all, the project was a good opportunity for all the participants to get some practical skills and start to think about having their own business.

The project was financed by Erasmus+ program. It was hosted by Proactive Mind in Czech Republic and Armenian partner organization is Future in Our Hands NGO.

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