20504197_1465741433509584_2045240587_nThey say that the best souvenirs are memories, when leaving Denmark I knew that I am taking the best souvenirs with me back home. All the challenges, all the opportunities I met there gave me an important experience of life.
My project was with students and teachers who were part of the International Academy and boarding school of Denmark. Less than in a month I easily got into the atmosphere and life of the school. I was spending a lot of time with the students and teachers who became the inseparable part of my life. As the school was international there were more than 25 different nationalities where I could have the chance to develop intercultural awareness. During the year, my hosting organization Dansk ICYE organized some camps where I have got an opportunity to meet other EVS volunteers and also have training about personal development.

Leaving in Denmark for almost a year, brought a Danish “Hygge” into my life, which is the feeling of happiness and coziness. The year of my EVS I consider as one of the best times of my life, for which I am thankful to my sending organization “Future in our hands”, hosting organization “Dansk ICYE” and “The international academy and boarding school of Denmark”.

This was the challenge year which made me more independent, more open minded and more open to upcoming life challenges.