13210973_1704884266430487_1779830407_oBetween the 24th and the 29th of May, ancient Halicarnassus by the Aegean sea will host the 17th International Bodrum Dance Festival (IBDF). In this beautiful port town cultures from all over the world will be united by dancers, performers, journalists and volunteers. Since 2012 The International Bodrum Dance Festival has been listed among UNESCO’s international events.

For six weeks, Turkish professionals will cooperate with 30 volunteers from 17 European countries to organize the event. Armenia is among the countries involved in the program and is represented by Narek Grigoryan.

Youngsters’ accommodation and tutorial are provided by the European Union’s education and training programme Erasmus+ in the frames of EVS project.

Volunteers’ task is to promote the opportunities of the IBDF and Erasmus+ programme in cultural centres, schools, media, and on Bodrum’s streets. Many volunteers have been active dancers for years and will get the valuable chance to perform on stage. In rehearsals and performances, including people with different cultural background, the volunteers will learn various national dances and new dance styles. Furthermore, they will adopt other countries’ and nation’s habits. Intercultural group and communicating with foreigners creates the perfect environment for accomplishing the highest purpose of the Erasmus+ programme. That is to improve cooperation between young people and countries. Better awareness of others’ customs helps avoid prejudices and grow tolerance.

Afterwards, the volunteers can put the newly adapted skills into practice in their home countries and make themselves useful by working for the social inclusion of minorities. In short, they can further develop their dance skills while raising awareness of international communication and,therefore, spread peace. Moreover, Erasmus+ stands for personal improvement and helps the youth feel useful for the society.
During the last week of May, dancers from different parts of the world will gather in Bodrum to participate in The International Bodrum Dance Festival. Event’s organization lies partly on volunteers’ shoulders who, expressing themselves by dancing, wish to make an impact on creating a more peaceful, harmonious world. Cooperating in organizing The International Bodrum Dance Festival is youth’s attempt to show how much power is hidden in movement and dances.

Armenia is successfully being represented by Narek during the intercultural evening that Armenian brandy, basturma and lavash were the most required ones among the other participants.
He keeps on upholding our country’s honour. Thanks to him our national anthem keeps on resounding in Turkey reminding everyone about Armenia.

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