APV of 1 month EVS Summer project is behind. During the APV  there took part 1 leader from each partner organisation and 1 participant. Armenia was represented by Ani Voskanyan:EVS coordinator of the organisation and Tatevik Madatyan, who is chosen to take part in the short term EVS program from July 21to August 22 together with Yeva Karapetyan.

The Borders for social Change and Innovation (Group EVS 2016) is a Group EVS Program organized in Rijswijk, The Netherlands on the occasion of 50 years of summer holiday activities at Don Bosco Rijswijk. This program aims to help young people to travel to a new culture, new people, speak a new language and cross own mind set up to help out other people. This in turn help the volunteers to their personal growth and job opportunities. The program promotes intercultural learning experience, encouraging social integration and widening the perspective of the young people to employability.
Through a creative program the young and older volunteers step into solidarity and stimulate their creative and innovative thinking through sports and recreative outdoor activities for children (4-16 years). This program aims and has the potential to give young people a first experience of European Voluntary Service promoting intercultural learning and European awareness in a mixed group experience.

During the APV the leaders and the volunteers discussed how to prepare the volunteers for the program, how to make them use the experience in a useful way. What is the expected learning outcome of the volunteers, where they will be accommodate, the program of the EVS volunteers, etc.

We consider it as a successful  start of the project and  looking forward to the 2nd part of it.