Shushanik Zargaryan:EVS in Czech Republic

It’s my second week in EVS project and I want to share with you my emotions, fears, feelings and expectations. So my friends it is not going to be a formal article, but just friendly story about me and my experience. Less than a year ago I didn’t know anything about EVS, I even didn’t hear about it, or maybe I’d heard, but I didn’t realize what it can mean. My story started from the day when one of my friends told me about some youth projects which can give you an opportunity to travel, to be abroad, to meet foreign young people and to make new international friendship. This is the only thing I caught then. The talk is about my first experience in youth exchange program. This was the time when the doors were opened for me: I won too much things from that project, especially new friends, but the most important thing is that after this project I learned about EVS…

Oh! Sorry! I forgot to tell you a bit about myself. So I’m Šuška (this is how my Czech friends call me, and my full name is Shushanik Zargaryan), I’m 21 years old and I’m from Armenia. Last year I graduated from Yerevan State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. And so if you are in my position in my country, you have probable 3 ways;

  1. Continue studies
  2. Find a job
  3. Get married

Hmmm! First? No, thanks! I’m too tired of it, I need some rest. For sure I’m going to continue my studies, because I’m thinking about getting master’s degree and being really high specialized economist, but please not just now.

Second? Maybe. I tried and I got really good opportunity to start my working career in one of best banks in Armenia, but don’t you agree that I’m too young to spend my youth working in a boring grey office? I’ll keep it for my elder years.

Third? Don’t even ask me! I’m waiting for my prince, I’m joking.

So EVS was my rescue! What could you chose better? This is traveling, new places, new people, new friends, new dishes, too many new things for you. But of course with this plenty of new things you will have also plenty problems. Problems? Who says problems? Not problems, just challenges, which I’m going to take with a great pleasure.

I’m hosted by Severceska Knihovna in Usti nad Labem and was sent to experience this challenge by Future in Our Hands Youth NGO in Armenia.

Guys do advice you to try it. I’ll be back with interesting stories, as this is just the begining 🙂

Zatim, Ahoj:)