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Tram of Art

From September 13-19 we (a group of 10 volunteers from Armenia) took part in an international project called Tram of Art, where we represented Armenia. Future in our hands NGO hosted in Armenia representatives from 6 countries of the world, namely Georgia, Turkey, Czech, Ukraine, Holland and Italy.

I must say that the project was a real success. We are impressed with it. Not even a moment passed useless. The schedule was so full and interesting that we didn’t feel how the days passed.

Those 7 days were unforgettable in our lives and one of the most productive ones because as a result each of us got not only great amount of valuable knowledge but also precious friends.

In spite of the fact that volunteers represented different countries we were living like a big family loving and respecting each other.

The project was an amazing one. Irrespective of the fact that we had to wake up early in the morning we were incredibly happy because we knew that interesting activities were waiting for us outside of the hotel.

The day started with interesting energizers which helped us to wake up and have fun. We enjoyed our mornings. Team games gave us an opportunity to know each other and to become a unity with representatives of other nations. The fact that you and someone else from another country strive for victory together was one of the best things and that made us friends. Step by step we were getting closer to each other .

Wonderful mornings were followed by greater afternoons when we had our interesting workshops. We were doing things we really liked and which were very close to our heart. During workshops we gained precious knowledge which we will always use.

Every day we were impatiently waiting for evenings as they were one of the most interesting parts of our project. Every evening we were being introduced to the culture of another country. Representatives of different cultures were presenting us a lot of interesting things about their country and its traditions, were dancing and singing their national dances and songs and at the end we were tasting their national food which was so tasty. It is so amazing when you are in your country but you feel like living in another. Each intercultural evening was like a small tour in another country which we enjoyed greatly.

Interesting intercultural presentations were followed by party and games. All in all we had an unforgettable time and a rest full of joy and craziness thanks to Future in Our Hands which gave us an opportunity to participate in the project.

The outcome of the workshops  was represented to public in an exhibition in LOFT, the opening of which was 18th September at 17:00.The exchange program, which is funded by Erasmus+ project was organized by Richter Foundation and  Future in Our Hands NGO in Armenia.The nice rest of the participants, the tasty food and the comfortable accommodation is provided by the hotel Best Western Aghveran. The project was financed within Erasmus + project by Dutch National Agency.