The “Vitamin C Booster” project is an innovative and dynamic training program designed to empower youth and social workers with essential skills for the 21st century. It centers around four key competences: Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration. In this particular phase of the project, the focus is on Communication.

Over the course of 7 days, 36 youth workers engage in immersive learning experiences, where they dive deep into the realm of communication. The primary goal is to foster constructive communication skills and demonstrate their pivotal role in conflict management and peace building processes. Through interactive activities, such as role-plays, simulations, performances, and theatrical techniques, participants actively explore and absorb the principles of effective communication.

The project emphasizes a learning-by-doing approach, allowing participants to put their newfound knowledge into practice during various activities. Extensive debrief sessions ensure that all participants gain a comprehensive understanding of each method and concept explored.

By participating in the “Vitamin C Booster” project, youth and social workers not only enhance their own communication skills but also become better equipped to contribute to community development and peace building efforts. This project serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, enabling participants to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

The “Vitamin C Booster” toolkit is a valuable resource that has been created during the project itself. It has been carefully developed as an integral part of the project’s training program. This toolkit serves as a comprehensive guide and reference for participants, providing them with the necessary methods, tools, and techniques to enhance their communication skills, understand the principles of constructive communication, and apply efficient conflict management strategies.

The toolkit has been designed to complement the project’s immersive learning experiences, which include interactive activities such as role-plays, simulations, performances, and theatrical techniques. It is a product of collaborative efforts among project organizers and participants, drawing upon their collective knowledge and expertise in the field of youth and social work.

By creating and utilizing the “Vitamin C Booster” toolkit during the project, participants not only gain hands-on experience but also contribute to the development of a valuable resource that can be shared and used by others in the youth and social work community. This ensures that the impact of the project extends beyond its duration, providing a lasting benefit to individuals and organizations interested in improving communication, conflict management, and peace building.
You can access the “Vitamin C Booster” toolkit by following this link: Toolkit Link. This toolkit serves as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations interested in improving communication skills, conflict management, and peace building in the context of youth and social work.

Erasmus+ opportunities provide valuable resources and support for international cooperation in education, training, youth, and sports. This specific Training Course (TC) within the Erasmus+ framework focuses on developing key competences for the 21st century, including critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Participants in this TC have the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of constructive communication, conflict management strategies, and peace building principles. The learning outcomes for participants include improved communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, as well as the ability to apply efficient conflict management strategies. By actively engaging in the “Vitamin C Booster” training program, participants can contribute to community development and peace building efforts in their respective areas of youth and social work.