“Keep Going Forward Become an Entrepreneur” TC in Bakuriani, Georgia was an interactive project that united 32 youngsters from 10 different
countries bringing together bright minds from all over Europe. During the project, we brought together the social issues of our countries, tried to  understand them, discuss them and find ways to solve the issues. We had theoretical sessions where we discussed about business, leadership, marketing, and motivation and later we used the theories doing various types of workshops. In our workshops, we worked with different groups
every time and it was very interesting to hear different cultural points of views.

The topic was very serious as it included lots of small aspects that every entrepreneur should know before starting a social enterprise. Many of us
had a vague idea about the differences between the business and social enterprise but during the project we had the chance to learn about those
details and in the end we had the opportunity to create and present our social enterprises.

During last two days of the TC all participants started to present their individual ideas about their future social enterprise and started to create the business plan for the ideas by using most popular and productive CANVAS model, which was a really useful tool for all of us, because right now we have about 30 new social enterprise ideas in our minds and we are really ready to accept the challenges in this field and promote the development of social entrepreneurship in our countries.

Thanks to the project we made friends from many countries, enjoyed cultural evenings where we exchanged food, music, dances and traditions
of our cultures. We were able to make further networking. One of the TC days was an excursion day- filled with picturesque places, cultural atmosphere, delicious Georgian food and traditional Georgian dances.

Hayk Kalantaryan
Serine Melikyan
Ani Barseghyan