27th International Festival of Children’s Folk Ensembles
Nowy Sącz, 21-28 July 2019



1.The FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS in Nowy Sącz is an event of common fun and games,
providing children with an opportunity to become acquainted with the wealth of folk culture and tradition of various parts of the world. The children learn tolerance and respect for a variety of cultures, religions and customs of different nations. The Festival also enables artistic managers and choreographers who run children folk ensembles to cooperate and exchange experiences as well as to share their viewpoints on children folklore and methods of presenting it on stage.

  1. Children’s folk ensembles from mountainous regions participate in the Festival. Ensembles from non-
    mountainous regions are allowed to be guest participants. They are full participants in the Festival.
  2. !!! The age of participants should remain within the range of 7-14 years old. This limit does not apply to members of the musical band accompanying the ensemble.
  3. The main programme principle of the FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS is that each Polish
    ensemble is coupled with a foreign partner ensemble with which it performs at all the concerts as well as
    participates in all accompanying off-stage events.
  4. The Festival is of a non-competitive character.
  5. !!! During the Festival the ensembles present the folklore of their own regions in an authentic / traditional
    form by means of children’s dance, singing, games and play. The programme should be suited to the
    age and interpretative abilities of children.
  6. !!! Ensembles using playback (tapes or CDs with recorded music) or electronic instruments in their
    performances are not admitted to the Festival!


8.The total number of members of each ensemble (including musicians, childminders, accompanying persons and coach drivers) should not exceed 40. Participation of each extra individual is subject to approval obtained from the Organizer.



The ensembles are accommodated at dormitories, boarding houses and holiday centres.
All board and lodging expenses are fully covered by the Festival organizer for the duration of the Festival.

Participation Fee 70EUR

Travel cost covered by the ensemble.

The ensembles that arrive in Nowy Sącz by their own means of transport will get a refund on the transport costs from the Organizer in the form of fuel vouchers to be redeemed while the Festival programme is realised – as from the arrival in Nowy Sącz. The settlements will be based on the conversion factor of 30 litres of diesel oil per 100 km.
The Organizer shall not cover any costs incurred by the ensemble while crossing the Polish national border, nor costs concerned with any technical failures or repairs made to the coaches.
The ensembles that arrive in Poland by plane will be provided, for the duration of the Festival, with a coach, and the transport costs thus involved will be covered by the Organizer.




In case of interest please send photos and videos of your ensemble to fiohapplications@gmail.com with the title FESTIVAL_POLAND