14102661_1244804258872639_2291499296667980686_nOn 29th of August successfully was finished the project “Diversity Leads to Tolerance”. The project was about exchanging ideas and experiences on differences and similarities in the context of current issues that will help build solutions for the future”. This Youth Exchange focused to develop the critical thinking of the  youngsters during the exchange.The project used current stories, events, and provocations to create a possible awareness, solutions and disseminate information on the topic of tolerance often in the informal and through playful method. The working program combined several working methods like workshops, roleplays, presentation, discussions,cultural evenings, integration games, excursions, etc. There were different trips to Den Haag, City Cafary in Den Haag, Excursion in Humanity House, which gave the youngsters the opportunity to experience the lives of the immigrants. They had a chance to visit to Amsterdam, Leiden, to visit several museums to have guided tours, etc.

The participants also had a great role in the program of the project. Each country hold a workshop on different topic related to the main topic : TOLERANCE. Armenian Team was responsible for holding the workshop “Cultural difference brings to tolerance”.

The youngsters had a great success in preparing and holding the workshop, which also developed their organisational skills.

There were 24 young people from four countries: Armenia, the Netherlands, Hungary and Spain. During the exchange they shared ideas, experienced  differences and similarities in the context of current issues that helped them to build solutions for the future.

The project was funded by Erasmus+ program. It was hosted by Don Bosco Netherlands.
Armenian partner organisation: Future in Our Hands Youth NGO

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