19From June the 21st till August the 20th 2 of our volunteers had their EVS experience at “Don Bosco Centre” in the Netherlands.

During the EVS project a group of 24 volunteers from 12 countries took active part in the summer holiday activities (Vakantiebos) in the multicultural youth centre Rijswijk. They were working with children from different age groups (4-15). The main task of the volunteers was to organize different games, activities, excursions and trips for them. The program aimed to promote intercultural learning experience, encouraging social integration and widening the perspective of the young people to employability. Through a creative program the young and older volunteers stepped into solidarity and stimulate their creative and innovative thinking through sports and recreational outdoor activities for children.

During the project the participants developed a lot of important skills: the ability to adapt to multicultural environment, communicate with different people, representatives of different cultures and to respect different points of view. What is most important, they learned to live with other people in the same house, to respect each other’s values and cultures, as well as to keep a clean and organized house.

According to the participants’ feedback their EVS project was a success and they would like to have the same experience again.

The project was financed by Erasmus+ program. And the Armenian partner organization was Future in Our Hands NGO.