‘‘Let’s Learn Tech’’ was a youth exchange, which took place from 07.04.2015- 13.04.2015 in Acireale-Italy. The training gathered together 6+1 participants from Armenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic and Turkey. The project was hosted by Italian GiovanEuropa Informal Group.

   The aim of the exchange was to raise awareness of young people regarding online safety, to provide them with the competences
related to the use of new technologies in order to improve the quality of work of their NGOs and also to teach to use the internet and modern technologies in a useful way. During the project different kind of topics were discussed, mostly how to avoid internet addiction and get the information on advantages and disadvantages of social media.

 The project was interesting and unique in its type. 35 participants had seven amazing days together, shared their knowledge, experience and ideas, also exchanged their culture and national values.

  Our Armenian participants were back with lots of emotions, invaluable memories, motivation and inspiration to be shared here in Armenia…