20150907_112843From September 3 to 11 a training course on recycling took place in Brno, Czech. The project aimed at teaching young participants how to make useful things from the used ones.
During the training course Czech Republic hosted participants from 5 countries namely Armenia, Italy, Hungary, Latvia and Georgia.
4 young volunteers from Future in Our Hands NGO represented Armenia in Czech successfully.
On the day of the arrival after having rest participant were introduced to the training course and then they were introduced to each other with the help of interesting games and activities.
The training course’s aim was not only to teach the participants but also to help them have fun and gain new friends and useful experience.
On the 2nd day countries had their intercultural evenings during which each country members represented their country’s interesting traditions and tasty dishes. Thanks to our participants Armenian lavash, basturma and cognac were number 1 highly appreciated and required food by the others. After the presentation a lot of foreigners expressed wish to visit Armenia, to get introduced to its culture and to see Ararat.
From the 4th day interesting energizers, workshops and fun activities started. The participants had a workshop on recycling during which they learned how to make useful things from the unneeded ones. According to our team the workshops were very interesting and educational. For them the program was a life changing experience.
But the participants also had a lot of other interesting tasks to do. One of them was film reproducing. They had to shoot a short film or to make some slide show on the given theme.
Besides a wide range of other activities, workshops and endless parties at nights an interesting tour was included in the schedule of the training course. Participants went to the countryside to visit famous Brno castle.
At the end, when the participants had already learned a lot it came time to put their knowledge in practice and to pass it also to the others. This is very appreciated aim for the project as it is very important to put your knowledge into practice in order to make it yours. Training course’s participants visited to the local schools and shared their knowledge with pupils by helping them to do recycling with the help of special video lessons prepared by them.
All in all the project was a real success. It was both educational and fun having and the participants didn’t even get bored for a minute. Everybody is very satisfied and ready to share his or her knowledge with you.