IMG_5135The TC ” Europe is US” aimed at supporting the professional development of 30 youth workers and leaders from 10 countries by extending their competencies on European Citizenship and encourage them to integrate elements of European citizenship into their daily work with young people as well as within the framework of Youth in Action program activities. The training team seeked to achieve this aim through critical exploration of European Citizenship and its relevance in youth work as well as an active democratic society and by providing information about the current discourse on European Citizenship (its concepts, formal meanings, geographical and historical background and expressions). By exemplifying the connection between European Citizenship, Human Rights and Democracy as well as the underlying values the training will highlight the specific characteristic of European Citizenship as a complementary rather than an exclusive identity, disassociated from belonging to a particular territory. Furthermore the training promoted Youth in Action program as a tool supporting youth work on European Citizenship.

During the project  the participants had an opportunity.

– to explore the diversity of understanding of European Union, Europe and European Citizenship
–  to explore the European Citizenship concept, values and dimensions
–  to discuss the European Citizenship in Youth work and put it in action.
–  to be introduced Youth in Action Programme and the possibilities of cooperation with
Neighbouring Countries.
– to design new innovative youth projects on European Citizenship theme and strengthen their quality by providing support and information.