From 14-19 September the staff of Future in Our Hands had a study visit to Izmir, Turkey in the frames of the project “Social Entrepreneurship trip between Turkey-Armenia”. We were hosted by our partner organization in Turkey, Yasom.

The aim of the visit was to bring together social entrepreneurs from Armenia and Turkey for a non-formal gathering.

During our visit we explored how social enterprises in Armenia and Turkey and contributed to the innovation and sustainable growth in our societies.

We had several speakers from local social businesses in Turkey. As well except the staff of our organizations there were also 10 young social entrepreneurs from Turkey , who took part in the exchange. They shared their experiences, methods, and challenges they face during their work. We had the chance to learn what kind of innovative solutions they have created for the social problems which they were facing it.

After identifying social problems existing in our societies, we had a workshop with young social entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions for those problems all together.

All in all, the project was very successful. It helped us to build new bridges between two communities who are neighbors and lived together form many years and have lot of common things but who really know a few about each others now.

The travel cost was financed by Hrant Dink Foundation.