15207875_1162197677199176_756004815_nThis November I  had a chance to participate in Erasmus+ project in Potenza, Italy. The subject of this project was “Leadership for Employability” which had as a goal the development of leadership skills needed to be a competitive candidate in job markets.
First step was application to the program. I was asked to send CV and a motivation letter explaining the reasons why they should chose me as a representative. After first selection process there was an interview at national agency “Future in Our Hands” NGO. The staff was very careful during the interview, especially Tigranuhi Aleksanyan, CEO of the NGO. I have been asked targeted questions and I could feel that they search for the best candidate to represent the NGO and the one who will take the best out of the project. They really went deep into details checking my background, skills and even potential that I had. After the interview I and another representative, Artak Atabekyan, were chosen to participate in the project.
The activities were taking place at GoDesk office in Potenza (southern Italy), a very comfortable place for trainings. Each day we were discussing different aspects of leadership and the best thing for me was that we very developing our skills through discussions and the exchange of our experiences, not academic lectures, which is, in my opinion, a better way to learn something new.
Regarding the administrative part, I really appreciate the work they have done. The administration staff made every effort to create the best atmosphere during and after trainings. Accommodations, transportation, and meals – everything was on top, so special thanks to Antonino Imbesi and Emanuele Sileo for this.
I really enjoyed the time passed in Potenza not only because of the cultural programs organized for us, but also because of the hospitality of Italians. I made many friends there and it was really enjoyable to interact with so many interesting people from different countries with different backgrounds. I had a chance to get familiar with different requirements in European job markets and be prepared to new work challenges.