On November 2-30, 2017 around 39 participants from 11 (Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Egypt, Finland, Algeria, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy) countries came together in Thessaloniki, Greece to participate in Training Course on learning mobility called “Step Forward”. Participants are youth workers, youth leaders, educators, facilitators, mentors and young people, who have the power to utilize their gained knowledge and skills in their local community and act as ambassadors of the Erasmus+ program. The proposed project was implemented by NGO AENAO. The overall aim of the project was to promote the Erasmus+ program and to highlight the opportunities that the action of youth mobility offers. Many different activities like discussions, reflection groups, project proposal writing and different exercises were held during the event. The aim of project was to develop the participants’ competences. Armenian team consisted of 3 participants: Tigran Mkrtchyan, Arshak Alexanyan and Nelli Tatosyan. We all participated in all the events and according to our representatives the project was one of the best projects we have ever participated in and we enjoyed every day in Greece. The project was hosted by NGO AENAO in Greece and Armenian partner was Future in Our Hands NGO. This training was something new for me. Yes, I took part in different non-formal trainings before, but “Step Forward” itself was a discovery of Erasmus+ project for me. I was nicely surprised how such a few-membered stuff/organizing team could handle such a beautiful event in cozy city. Event was knowledge-based and, of course, friendship-based, full of smart youngsters who were eager to learn more and more and from each other. Learning mobility project of youth workers supported my professional development by enabling me to acquire new skills and professional experiences. And yeah, I would never miss my chance to be an Erasmus+ training participant once again. This training was an event that empowered and developed not only the subject of it, but also the participants. The atmosphere was so friendly and professional at the same time, that all of us felt at home there… It was so nice to meet international people, people that came under the same roof with you to share and gain… I’ll never forget this experience it was incredibly wonderful… 🙂 To sum up I would like to say that “Step Forward” was an important event in my life; it helped me to be a better listener   and respect others’ opinions.