I’m Arsen from Armenia and during last year i was in Ivancice for volunteering. My project was about sport activities with children espacially floorball and tennis trainings. And also i was working in kindergarden with kids.

I studied informational technologies and photogophy in my home country and after that i wanted to try something new which i didn’t do before in my life that’s why i came to Czech Republic to do EVS, and that was one of the best decisions of my life because here i saw and learnt lot of new things, i met lot of new friends and i want to thank them all who helped me a lot during this one year, people here are very nicce and friendly and they helped me in everything fom the begenning of my EVS when i was lost in new country and culture. I want to thank all our workers in Horizont.

Espacialy i want to thank my leader Ondra it was fun to work with him and i enjoyed my work with children. In general i would say that this year was lifechanging for me, i discovered for me the wold of children, how cute and nice are they even if you dont speak their language. There i understood that language is not a problem to communicate with kids and i liked that a lot. I learnt also a lot about floorball. That was fun to play floorball with children and i liked it a lot. The most what i liked here was the camps for children.during camps i had a lot of fun with my friends and children and had memorable days.
After living in abroad i can say that now i’m more independent and self confident, there i saw how free live Czech people and now i’m part of them. Living here gives me freedom to try lot of new things, to do everything for myself alone and to discover myself. Also i had time to travel and discover Europe. Everything here was interesting for me to see and to try because European culture is totally different then Armenian. Here i saw how much Czech people loves beer and i think during this one year i drenk beer more than in my whole life in Armenia. I started to learn Czech language also, didnt expect that it will be so hard but i did my best to learn as much as i could. Also I traveled a lot in Czech Republic and discovered Czech nature and beautiful, cozy cities with amazing architacture. During my travelings i met a lot of new people and became friends with them. So i had amazing traveling experience. And in general i would say that this year in Czech Republic was amazing with full of memories. I’m sure that one day i will go back to Czech Republic because after this year Czech Republic is my second home ! 🙂

Sending Organisation: Future in Our Hands Youth NGO