14315679_1214873198579959_988546010_oNow when it’s already almost a month I am back from my volunteering job all the colors of that wonderful experience seem to become brighter and brighter.  Before leaving for the Netherlands my expectations were to get to know a new country and culture but in the end it turned out to be much more meaningful than just a touristy visit. Although from the very beginning I knew that I was going to devote my annual holiday to volunteering in an unknown European country for a month and felt ready for that adventure, the real picture was much more challenging and amazing than I could imagine.

To begin with, volunteering upgrades one’s daily routine and adds a lot of value to it. For years I have been used to work for money and be paid for the work I do but suddenly I left my comfort zone and went to help in organizing a vacation for almost 2000 dutch children as a volunteer. During the “Vacantiebos 2016” (it was the event name) it was such a pleasure to organise joyful days for those warm and funny kids. Don Bosco Centre and its staff were real professionals in their job and there was a lot of stuff to learn from them.

Secondly, volunteering in the Netherlands gave a real chance to study a foreign society in all its unique forms. It’s not the same as visiting the country as a tourist. In case of volunteering you experience the new environment almost as a member of it. During this Erasmus Plus project the task achievement was obvious: the new culture was tasted and the satisfaction was at its highest level.

I would like to thank both my sending (Future in Our Hands) and hosting (Don Bosco Youthnet Netherland) organisations for being that caring and professional.