7After the long flight, when the plane finally landed at the airport of Warsaw I felt calmness.
I was in Poland for the first time. I was walking with my luggage in my hand thinking that I don’t have relatives and friends here who could meet me. But thanks to T. Alexanyan who is the head of the sending organization “Future in Our Hands” I knew that someone was going to meet me from the receiving organisation.
Coming out of the airport I saw people with the post which has an inscription “SCHUMAN”, smiled at them and understood that everything was ok.
I remeber the 7th of November of Warsaw. It was cold, raining and gloomy. But coordinators did everything for me not to feel the cold and the gloom.
Soon the Sun appeared and everything changed.
It’s already too months I live and work here in Warsaw gradually getting used to the city and to the life here.
I work with mentally disabled children. Being a skillfull pedagogue I want to share my experiences and get knew knowledge.
At first I had difficulties in communicating with the natives, but I took intensive language courses, which was also included in the project.
The project is interesting and full of information and it also gives me the opportunity of getting in touch with representatives of different cultures and nations as well as to discover different angles of the world.
At the end I would like to say that I am very happy and glad to be here and also address a question to you:
“Wouldn’t you like to accompany me? It’s a uniqe opportunity!”