SOS Family Strengthening Program helps keep children in the care of their family. We support disadvantaged families at risk of separation by bolstering their capacity to protect and care for their children. SOS Children’s Village hopes to help families to learn look after themselves so that they can live independently in the long-term. Only in this way can we ensure that children are not left and that they grow up in their families. SOS Children’s Village is convinced that it is almost always best for children to grow up in families. The children’s day centre is created for children growing in families at social risk or in poverty. 25 children on average have an opportunity to visit our Day Care Centre every working day. Here they can do homework, play, interact, participate in group activities and attend cooking lessons. If it is necessary, children is also provided with psychological consultations and emotional expression strategy is applied.


Volunteers will be accommodated in rented apartment, each volunteer will have a separated room. Volunteers will be provided with monthly allowance (food and pocket money), monthly public transport ticket

PARTICIPANT PROFILE The main criteria for choosing volunteers – a motivation to work with the target group of hosting organization. When you send us the application, please mention for which exactly opportunity you are applying.


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