DEVELOP YOUth – training course

DEVELOP YOUth aims to develop the skills of youth workers to deliver quality activities for young people.


Training Course: 25 – 30 March 2023 (activity days)

Arrival day: 24 March 2023

Departure day: 31 March 2023

Place: Târgoviște, Hotel Dâmbovița

Participants: 30 youth workers from European Union member states

Covered topics: soft skills, career orienteering, entrepreneurship, creativity


The project aims to develop the competences of youth workers to offer quality career guidance activities to young people. At the same time, it facilitates the socio-professional insertion of young people and the development of their entrepreneurial potential. The training course is based on the Dragon Dreaming methodology.


  1. To empower youth workers with new tools and methods in the area of youth counseling and career orienteering.
  2. To improve the level of knowledge of young workers in the area of employability and soft skills in order to facilitate youth socio-professional insertion, especially of NEETs youth.
  3. To understand the dynamics of labor market and the skills that young people need in the new socio – working context.
  4. To activate the creative and entrepreneurial potential of young people through quality activities.


The Training Course will gather together 30 participants (maximum 2 participants per organization) from Erasmus+ Youth Programme Countries.

The course will primarily be aimed at participants over 22 years old (there is no upper age limit), part of an NGO, youth centers, educational institutions. The course is open to youth workers, educators, and all those who have a professional interest in the field of youth work and non-formal education. Also, participants must be interested in the topic of soft skills, career guidance, entrepreneurial education and creativity.