In March 2022 our Armenian team participated in a project called “Reputation” in Romania. Here below participants share their experiences and thoughts about the project with us.

Knarik Badalian: This was an amazing opportunity and a great experience. As I was participating for the first time, this was a way for me to explore a new world full of adventures, new skills, and knowledge. Meeting new people having different ways of thinking, cultures, and experience helped me a lot to find myself.

Serly  Manouel: This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an unforgettable experience. As a first-time participant, it was really exciting and it was an opportunity for me to discover a new world full of adventures, new skills, cultures, and learning new languages and knowledge. Meeting new people from different countries took only 11days to become so good friends that are hard to say goodbye in the end.

I am excited that after our intercultural night lots of participants were excited to visit Armenia to see our wedding traditions and our beautiful homeland.

Thanks to the whole organizing team for making this project happen.

Lilit Sargsyan: It’s hard to describe my feelings, cause after the project life is not the same. You share your routine with different personalities from very different cultures, represent your country on an international level, and learn a lot. It was my first Erasmus experience, but not the last one for sure.

Hayk Hakobyan: Being in this project probably I’ve learned more than during my entire university classes. This project aimed to give us more knowledge about the Roma community but in reality, it gave us much more. It gave us unforgettable moments, true friendship, practical knowledge, and experiences that we will never get anywhere else. I hope that everyone can get a chance to participate in such programs and enhance their lifestyle.

Susanna Grigoryan: This was unforgettable project for all of our team for sure. I’m happy that I got lucky to be selected to participate in this wonderful project which drastically changed my life. Made me look to things in a different way and be more awarded from the problems that we had and still facing. I wish all of you have such an experience like we had.

Syuzanna Manvelyan: Being a volunteer at “Future in our hands” youth NGO I was sure that this project gonna be amazing for sure, but I did not expect that this project could have been that good to unite 40 people and make them a family and make us cry at the end with the great hope to meet each other again. This project is the best Erasmus YE project in my life for sure and I will never forget all the people, adventures and experience we had in Romania. Dear reader, I wish you to succeed on your Erasmus+ path. Without even hesitating go for it and change your life.