The aim of the project is to address the problems of youngsters with fewer opportunities using art as the main tool. Our aim is to activate youth putting them out of their comfort zone and then show this results to the others through art.
The participants involved in the youth exchange will learn, see and explore different types of art, craft, photography, as well they will find out about the problems that youth have in partner countries and try to expose them to the society. The more people are aware of these problems, the more exposure they get and the faster we can solve them. Through these we are planning to make them more active citizens of their communities. We are planning to draw comparison between two types of art: modern and traditional. Theater, street art, craft, photography, illustration will be our tools during the project to achieve our aim. This variation will help to reach to all members of society, from street to theater.
Number of participants: 5 participants+1 group leader (Is aged 18-30 years old)
Location: Larnanca, Cyprus (to be determined)
-Ice-Breakers And Activities To Get To Know Each Other
-Team-Building And Trust-Building Activities
-City Games
-Art Workshops
-Intercultural Learning Activities
-Exploring Problems And Generating Ideas
-Evening Activities And Free Time
-Erasmus+ Informational Workshops
-Final event
-Study Visits
Spain, Montenegro, Israel, Cyprus, Armenia
Application deadline: May 17