Venue: Gresse en Vercors, Alpes, France

Number of participants 4+1

How to feel music and dance
How to express your feelings through music and dance
How to resocialise, dare communicate through arts…


One week in a small village, close to nature, with a program of outside activities, music, danc
And a reflection on how to feel, express your real self, far from stereotypes and how to include through art and share of cultures.
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Concerts are planed on Friday evening and participation to traditionnal FΓͺte de l’Alpage on Sunday.

The image of singers, musicians, dancers is much sexualised on medias. Dancing, singing, playing instrument was always a way to seduce even in traditional musical balls.
How can we express beyond gender stereotypes?

Dance and music are a place of competition, selection, an individual chase to success…
How can we enhance active listening skills, feel the music, ensure everyone’s inclusion ? How can we make art tool of live-together and well being?

Participant profile,

ο‚― Participants will be between 18 and 30 years old
ο‚― Participants must be able to communicate in English or French
ο‚― Participants must be interested in music or dance as a tool to express
ο‚― Participants must attend all youth exchange activities and actively participate in them

AccommodationΒ will be in Maison Champagnat in Gresse en Vercors.
In this 80 beds place, participants will be in dormitories 4-6 beds and leaders in 2 beds rooms. We will respect and explain sanitary safety rules. Activities will mainly be outside or in big rooms in Maison Champagnat.
Gresse en Vercors, 50km from Grenoble, is the highest village of Vercors mountains at 1200 metres altitude, with a gorgeous landscape. It is in the Parc naturel rΓ©gional du Vercors. Village is an access to the RΓ©serve Naturelle des Hauts-Plateaux, with a richness of wildlife and rare mountain flowers. This small village with still strong traditional mountain work is high touristic spot for sportive and nature-lovers, cultural events and family activities.

How to Apply?

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