Well… I was scrolling Facebook when I saw the announcement of the project “once upon a time in Tunisia”. I read about the project and I was so motivated to be part of it. On day after my motivational video was ready (It was funny, maybe Irina will share with you 😁) and after the selectional process I got THAT letter saying that I’m a part of this project.

This was my first trip to Africa and I will say that first thing that you notice, it’s people. Speaking about Tunisia, our route was long but our Tunisian friends met us really warm. They are so friendly, want to help you, share what they know. The day after when the rest of participants came from Finland and Netherlands, I had the whole picture. It was clear: this project gonna be fun.

During this project I learned about others culture, we discussed many valuable themes, we created musicals, social video. We ate, laughed, spoke, traveled and became friends forever. I will not find more words to describe my feelings but I’m sharing my vlog, so I’m sure you’ll catch the vibe 😊 (I put subtitles in English).