The youth exchange Road to the Change funded by Erasmus +  program was hosted in Armenia between 04.10-13.10.21.
The project was realized in cooperation with Crinnova Solutions in UK and receiving organisation Future in Our Hands in Armenia and of course all the partners who were involved in the project.
The aim of our project was to address the -problems of youngsters with fewer opportunities through social advertisements. During the project
Youngsters from the participants countries: Armenia, UK, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain addressed the topics such as Tolerance, Hate Speech, Prejudice, Stereotypes, European Values through creating social advertisements and through art sessions.
There were 5 participants from each country and 1 leader (2 from Armenia).
The project focused on youngsters with fewer opportunities and social art as a tool to talk about these problems because because day by day all over the world you can find plenty of youth who are in need.
The participants involved in the youth exchange studied different cases with problems of youth with fewer opportunities and young refugees and try to rise and reveal it to the society. As many people are aware about these problems, as easier is to find ways of solution.
The activities during the youth exchange will be carried out by the group leaders and later shared with the rest of the group. The workshops on the following topics were carried out: Tolerance, Prejudice, stereotypes, hate speech, European values.
The participants were given the chance to prepare their Social advertisement ideas, where they have shared their own approach to the topics more familiar to them..