The training course will held from 23rd to 29th August 2021 at the Pamporovo Ski Resort, Bulgaria. 31 participants in total from the following 9 countries: Greece, Poland, Armenia, Lithuania, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Portugal and Bulgaria.

Each of the partnering countries should send 3 participants with the following profile:

– Age: Over 20 years;
– Occupation: youth worker, employee / NGO leader, teacher, social worker, active volunteer,
trainer / facilitator, student, freelancers;
– Special requirements: experience and / or interest in the field of the current training and a
clear motivation to participate and multiply what has been learned;
– Language: English / minimum spoken /;
– Logistic requirements: to be present throughout the training in relation to the planned
working days; to conduct and document at least one multiplication event related to the topic of
the project.

The aim of the project “Synonyms of Health” is to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged young
people by building healthy habits, improving physical culture and understanding the factors affecting
all aspects of an individual’s physical, spiritual and emotional development. The main activity being a
training for 27 youth workers from 9 countries using the “Social and Fit” methodology created by the
Big Brothers Big Sisters Association.

Specific objectives

To promote the training program “Social and Fit” to youth workers from and outside Europe and to adapt it to the needs of a wider range of target groups;
 To raise awareness among young people / incl. disadvantaged people / as to how healthy lifestyles and sports affect adaptability and improve life skills;
 Promote healthy lifestyles and sports as tools for social inclusion and combating marginalization, xenophobia and negative stereotypes (in local, national and European contexts);
 Create a network of youth workers – multipliers of the idea of making a healthy lifestyle accessible to all.

The place and the venue

Pamporovo Ski Resort is located at the heart of Rhodopa Mountains – 230 km from city of Sofia
and 80 km from city of Plovdiv. It is the most famous and sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort but it is
also a popular tourist place in summer due to its mild temperatures, fresh air and beautiful nature.
Find more at

The event will take place at the Prespa Hotel which is located at the centre of Pamporovo with an
incredible view of the Rhodope Mountains. It is one of the biggest hotels in the area. The participants
will be accommodated in double rooms, same gender and mixed nationalities. The breakfast, the lunch
and the dinner will be served at a buffet in accordance with dietary restrictions. Two coffee breaks will
be provided daily. Find more about the hotel at


Travel cost will be reimbursed up to 275EUR

Visa Fee , Accommodation, 3 times meal is covered.

FIOH Membership Fee might occur


How to Apply?

FIll in the link  : until 21July2021

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