It was August, and life had stopped for a while due to the coronavirus, and my friend advised me to volunteer in Lithuania.

I found a suitable option, conquered Lithuania with its culture and style.
To my surprise, I received the reply letter that I had received; they were waiting for me. My emotions were indescribable, because for the first time in my life I had to leave the country. There was no fear of living alone, as he had been away from my family in the army for 2 years.

But unfortunately the war started, after the end I wanted to be in another country even more, so that I could relax a little from the situation in the country.

Finally I left in January, my impressions were positive from the very beginning, from the buildings to the birds, I was interested.

I had to work with children at school for the first time, at first I thought they would not accept me as their teacher or I could not be a good teacher, but I was surprised when my cooperation with the children was wonderful. I loved the school from the very beginning, which was different from the Armenian schools, their attitude towards the school was different.

When I finished my program, I returned, but the memories will remain for a lifetime, the days I spent are different and when I remember my time in Lithuania, I remember with a smile.

Everything in life depends on our decisions և life is in our hands.