2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but FIOH made it quite remarkable to me. As much as
the pandemia tried to ruin our project, it was still a wonderful and life-changing experience.
This project made me stronger than I expected.
The aim of the “Boost Your Visibility” ESC project was to increase the visibility of local and
international projects and activities of Non-Governmental Organizations. To achieve this goal,
our team has to develop competencies on how to create quality and effective tools to promote
activities effectively.
Our project also aims to increase the social participation of youngsters with fewer opportunities
and organize informational events to create awareness about European opportunities among
young people.
I remember my excitement when I got the news that I was going to be part of this experience.
Interestingly, during my long-term ESC project, there was one short-term ESC project about
LandArt where I was a mentor. The project was going amazingly. The participants were
awesome and creative. It was wonderful to see how everyone suggested creative ways to
support our Planet Earth.
Unfortunately, after our on-arrival training, due to the pandemia, we had to accomplish the
program and send the participants back..
For the same reason, my project was postponed for approximately four months.
Many thanks to our coordinators who helped us to have an amazing quarantine, despite many
challenges. Our house has turned into an office. Our coordinator gave us Project Management
Online classes, we wrote our own Erasmus+ project and basically, we didn’t have any time to be
bored or stressed in our isolation. We even felt that days were not long enough.
When all the participants finally arrived, I started my dream job at the contact point of EuroDesk
which was great for my career development. Working there, I’ve learned how to become more
creative, having fun while keeping everything professional.
My tasks were to create digital content for social media portals of the NGO, create promotion
events for Youth Information, update the website and blog pages by writing articles, and give
information about European opportunities to young people through EuroDesk Portal.
Outside of the office, we have organized many unforgettable trips, personal projects, which were
extremely important to discover me differently. Living abroad is full of ups and downs, but all of
them help you to become the best version of yourself.
I was ready to get out of my comfort zone and it was hard to accept the changes, but without risks, our lives would be really boring.