Hej. I’m Mane, a 22 years old girl full of energy and enthusiasm to discover the world. About a year ago I made the best decision of my life and applied for an EVS in Denmark. What now? From September on I am living in one of the most amazing countries of the world, learning their language and culture, examining their kitchen and mentality. I am volunteering in a forest kindergarten called Kalø Skovbørnehave. It has a quite unusual concept as a kindergarten which can be found only in Denmark.
The children spend from 50-90% of their day in the forest.
My usual day consists of working in the kindergarten, going to the gym, going to the library and attending a language school. Because I work 4 days a week, I have a really long weekend which I spend with my friends, with my host family or I travel.
I have already passed half of my stay in Denmark and have already lived with 2 host families. And what I concluded is that all people are different but all people are amazing. During these 5 months I managed to get in love with a new culture, society and way of life. I got in love with a society that can forget their purse in a public place and get it back, that never closes the door of the house and spreads trust everywhere.
I experienced quite a lot. I had depression, I felt coldness, I felt lonely. Is it difficult? Yes! Is it worth? YES!
I learnt to cheer up myself, learnt to feel full and happy with my own company and finally I learnt to make friends. I learnt to approach people, to love them and to trust them. But most importantly I got in love with MYSELF. Living in another culture can sometimes make you examine yourself, get to know yourself, your own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. And at the end it makes you realize that you are different and that’s the most amazing thing.
Did you ever think of doing an EVS project? Don’t hesitate. Just do that. But if you ever think of coming to Denmark, then buy a raincoat and ask your grandmother to knit some socks and sweaters for you. It’s cold here.