Hi, imagine that you are talking to yourself. Please ask yourself
“Do I need education?”.
Most of you will answer without even thinking
 “Yes, of course.”
But actually some of us  understand what  education actually is when they are already adults. It is a very big problem, because you start to pay attention to that tiny things very very late. So if you realized power of education sooner you would study better, you would try something new more often, you would value your time and you would pay more attention to education. This is about issue that we all have. But in this success story we are talking about 40 youngsters who could find some solutions for this issue and even could overcome it. Let’s read about project and what we brought with us 🙂
Youth exchange named “We don’t need no education” was about educational systems, ways of getting education, problems of students and pupils, problems of schools and universities. And these all amazing topics were being discussed by 40 youngsters from 8 countries.
The week spent in Bystrzyca Klodzka, Poland was one of the most productive and interesting weeks we have ever had. During 7 days we had more than 16 sessions and discussions about these all topics but already with exact problems from our countries.
On the first days we made new friends by playing integration Games and sharing our hopes, fears and expectations about the program. The city game helped us discover Bystrzyca Klodzka and learn a little part of its history. One day was focused on national values and education around the world.
The last few days we had educational and exciting activities such as debate in the local school, various energizers, discussions and street camping.
We were glad to see how friendly and open were local people when meeting us. Language was not an obstacle at all.
During the whole program we were having evaluations of the days, which were making evenings warmer and more comfortable. Besides evaluations we also had intercultural evenings when sharing our food, board games and music with other groups.
And that’s still not everything !
You would ask us:
“Guys, this all is amazing, but what you brought with you?”
We will answer you proudly.
We brought many ideas and many solutions for us and our country. But the best part is that we want to share these all with you as soon as possible. And only thing you need to do is to help us and  not miss this opportunity because we can use our experience, motivation and knowledge to make better future for all of us.
Thank you for your attention, see you soon :))
Participant countries: Poland, Armenia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Greece, Georgia, Italy, Spain.
Host-country: Poland.
Main topic and subject of project: “We don’t need no education”