After a short term volunteering abroad I came back to my country. Something was not enough, nothing pleased me. I realized that quiting volunteering ever would kill me. I was seeking for new interests for me, couldn’t get adopted to my previous life. I made up my mind to do it again.
I searched for projects in other countries, somewhere I didn’t even have much information about.  And I was finally selected after applying for two months. I was excited: I had been looking forward to it too long.

I came to Vilnius, Lithuania, the place where my soul and heart go together. Even the first day was not a shock. I was not confused. I was motivated to do something important again. Just from the first day I started to work, I couldn’t wait any more. I wanted to change the world for the better.

It’s not that much easy to live far from your family, your friends, your homeland for 11 months, but it is the best decision of my life. I am alone, I run my time, my money, my food, my travel costs and I really see the promotion of my personality. I become much more confident of my skills, the way of living my own life. I create it myself without asking for help. I want to try many things to choose which is good for me, which is promising for my future. And what the significant thing is that I don’t go on dreaming and making new aims. I have many ideas I want to make them come true when I come back to Armenia. I hope for sure that our experiences and knowledge will help us then, when our country needs us. We all can do something good without expecting money or anything else. Just to be kind to the nature, to the things that we have been given.

My work is done in a kindergarten. When I was new, none of the children accepted me. They didn’t want to play with me pushing me away. But I forced me not to be broken. I knew it would take time from them to admit me. It’s really difficult to communicate without language. I didn’t know any Lithuanian words and the only way was waiting. Then after some time, step by step I became a friend of them.

Now I am doing my best to learn Lithuanian as I want to gain new skills and want to make my life easier here. I have made my speech in their language and learn fairy tales to tell them every Friday.
We always think about making interests for children making projects for them, with them.
Here I understood that even small kids can teach you lessons of life. They can make you believe in the kindness and blessedness of the Galaxy.

The staff in “Matulaitus” is very caring for all the volunteers. They do everything for pleasing us. They are always interested in our jobs and our problems. They help us everywhere and with everything. I am really glad in such clean atmosphere.

It’s not even 2 months that I am here, but I have been to 5 different countries. And I will let my body wander in almost every European countries discovering the cultures and cuisines. I make up connections with many people from all over the world. I don’t want to lose any day of my life. I want to be important change for the world. SEE YOU!!!