Hello, everybody!
My name is Rebeka and I am 25 years old. I am very excited to tell you about my EVS experience in Portugal. Doing EVS was a well-thought-out conscious decision for me. I wanted to do something new and something nice not for money but following my heart. I wanted to get out of my routine and dive into new experience. I have done a 6-month’s volunteering project in Viseu in the youth organization called Adamastor. We were designing various activities of non-formal educational character for the youth. We had very interesting intercultural nights with presentations about the countries, their traditions, cultures and food, we organized escape room events, very nice picnic for school pupils, some creative activities with people with disabilities, etc. These are only some of the activities we organized. I found it very interesting to work with my colleagues in a group as we were coming up with different nice ideas and helping each other make the activities as interesting and good as
I should mention that I have always dreamt of doing EVS also because I wanted to live abroad, create a network of new friends from abroad, have the chance to come out of my comfort zone, travel. EVS gave me it all. I managed to travel to 11 cities in Portugal and to truly feel how diverse and how beautiful the country is and to better understand the culture. I also traveled to 4 amazing cities in Spain – Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca and Seville. I can’t find words to explain how happy I was travelling to my favorite country and learning about it and its culture in practice.
Doing EVS was the best decision in my life so far. I finally abandoned my routine and have now the best memories ever!