Venue: Pazardjik, Bulgaria

Duration – 9 months, 10 months, 12 months

                   / from 01/10/2019 – to 30/09/2020 /

There are different activities: Short summary below.

Deadline: 30.07.19

Activity 1 

Working with disabled children aged 6 to 18 at Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities. Organizing a variety of outdoor and indoor games, walking, painting, singing, dancing and cognitive therapy. Providing support in their everyday lives.

Work therapy, sports and leisure related activities in the day care center for children with disabilities. Accompanying them while going to institutions and other establishments.

Activity 2 

Working with young people with disabilities aged over 18 at Day Care Center for People with Disabilities. Help and support in orientation, walks in the park, visiting cafés, visiting a library and a museum. Art therapy, dance therapy, work-therapy.

Drawing, application, making various works of various natural materials.Rationalization of leisure time and raising of skills and competences. Volunteers will participate in instructive activities, educational services. His role will be tailored to the opportunities and responsibility. Mission volunteers will always be led by educator and rehabilitator. Volunteers can submit their own country and culture by organizing food, exhibitions, slide-show example.

Volunteers will participate in educational activities educators, assisting people with disabilities in the manufacture of pottery, cards, posters and more. Will organize their time to visit the institutions, cafe, public spaces, galleries, theater, movies and more. Will support people with disabilities in their daily activities – nutrition, hygiene, dressing. They will participate in festivals and celebrations of the association and of the day care center.

Volunteers will organize activities during leisure customers – such as painting, music, hiking, and more.
Finally, each volunteer will have the opportunity to develop a personal project related activities and objectives of day care center.

Activity 3

Work in the host organization. Website support, creating a newsletter and a project movie, creating presentations promoting the volunteer service, creating and maintaining a blog, developing and participating in projects such as youth exchanges, trainings and others.

Activity 4 

Work in elementary school and support for children aged 6 to 12. Rationalization of leisure time, organizing games and sports activities, assistance and support in learning and preparation of school lessons, building of soft skills and competencies. Games and jokes to increase motivation for learning.

Organizing volunteer missions will be based on 30 hours per week,

5 days work – 6hour for day including language courses.

Two weekends a month / holidays/.

Send Your CV and Motivation Letter to with 2 photos from your everyday life.  

The title of the application should be “EVS-Pazardzjik”.

NOTE! The applications without above mentioned requirements won’t be considered.