Would you like to volunteer  6 months abroad?

Would you like to get to know a different country, culture and customs? Do you want to work with kids, youth or elderly? Do you want to help to organize cultural events, concerts or exhibition? Are you interested in how NGO’s and schools operate in different countries?

What are you waiting for?! Join us!! Do your EVS in POLAND!!Loading…

DATES: 02.09.2019 – 01.03.2020

Go on the adventure of a lifetime, learn new things, develop your passions, language skills, make new friend, explore Europe and help the others!!! These are just some of the benefits that YOU can get from participating with the European Voluntary Service under Erasmus + Programme.

If you would like to participate in the EVS project, we would like to inform you that Europejskie Forum Młodzieży, as a coordinating organisation, has the following free EVS vacancies:

Hosting organisations:

Miejski Zespół Szkół in Kłodzko

Miejski Zespol Szkol is located in Kłodzko the Lower Silesia region. The school is combined with different levels of education i.e. primary school and middle high school. Miejski Zespół Szkół is a public local school, controlled and paid by the state. The students at the school are between 7-16 years old. The number of pupils attending the school is about 300. There are also 40 teachers and 16 administrative workers employed in the school.

The main goals of the school are:

  • to make it possible for children to gain knowledge and skills which are necessary for graduation from primary school and middle high school;
  • to provide the pupils with pedagogical care according to the needs and possibilities of the school;
  • to ensure the protection and safety of our students.

At the school pupils study foreign languages such as English and German. There are a lot of activities connected with the development of language acquisition. The language teachers organise a lot of competitions connected with knowledge about European Union. In additional, our kids go to the swimming pool, go skiing in winter on a regular basis with the physical education teachers. There is also a range of sports activities. The aim of this is to develop pupils’ skills in athletics, aerobics, basketball and handball. Moreover, there are many extracurricular activities and classes which students can join.

The following are examples of typical activities for the volunteers:

  • Assisting the English or German teachers during lessons, for example helping with pronunciation, conversations and preparing some materials;
  • Working with the young children as well as with teenagers and organising games and activities for them during and after classes;
  • Running after school clubs such as art club, drama club or sports club;
  • Participating in intercultural camps, organized workshops for the students from our school on various subjects (EU, stereotypes, the volunteer’s country etc.);
  • Making country presentations to pupils from different schools in the area (including the schools that other volunteers work in)
  • Giving conversation classes to local youths and adults;
  • Helping to organise school discos (elements of decoration, dance and music from volunteers’ countries);
  • Co-operation with the student government (according to the schedule that will be prepared at the beginning of the school year);
  • Taking part in national holidays (November 11th, May 3rd);
  • Helping to organise the European Festival;
  • Attending and helping to organise school ceremonies like Patrons’ Days, Kosciuszko Run, ceremonial ending of class 3 of middle school and class 6 of primary school,” Otrzesiny” (middle school warming); the first Day of Spring and Talent Show;
  • Writing their work in a school newspaper or on a school website;
  • Joining day trips or going to the cinema with pupils;
  • Helping to prepare and working in a jury of the Contest of English Language for Primary Schools and Middle Schools of Klodzko Province;
  • Taking part in charity actions (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Penny Mountain, Clean up the World);
  • Helping in organising of students’ exchange with a school in Bensheim, Germany;
  • Taking part in art and sports classes (sculpture, working with clay, tennis, swimming, basketball, mediaeval dancing;
  • Taking part in Adventure Academy meetings;
  • Taking part and organisation of the (not)Foreign Language Day (tongue twisters, sketches, songs, multimedia presentations);
  • Time for volunteers’ own work in a school library (teachers give topics for volunteers to prepare).

Museum of Kłodzko Land

Museum of Klodzko Land (Muzeum Ziemi Klodzkiej) was officially opened in May, 1st 1963. The institution has been collecting and taking care of the cultural heritage of Klodzko region for over 40 years. The museum has five departments, consisting of historical records, history, art, educational department and the educational library.

The main activities in the museum are collecting and compiling collections operating through popularizing publications related to the direction of their interests, readings, lectures, museum lessons, chamber concerts and exhibitions. In additional, the museum is also cooperating with a number of scientific institutions, organizations and social-cultural societies in the country and abroad.

The mission of the Museum is to protect the material and spiritual heritage of Klodzko region. This is the purpose for which we implement a program. Many years for the creation of regional collections of Klodzko, which is the documentation and testimony to the local culture. Our program of regional education through numerous exhibitions and educational events installs a positive attitiude towards local culutre and history. We also wish to operate as an institution activating cultural and artistic life of the inhabitants of Klodzko and Klodzko Land.

The largest collections in the Museum are – a collection of tin, antique coins, Silesian clocks from the days of industrialization in the Lower Silesia and the unique glass, with particular emphasis on achievements of the artists working in Klodzko after 1945. Our educational library has an interesting collection of regional literature. The library was transformed into an educational and information centre of the region.

The example of typical activities for the volunteers:

  • helping in the preparation of the Museum’s lessons for the teenagers (historical, geology lessons, etc.)
  • helping with leading the Museum’s lessons for teenagers and children
  • preparation of the materials for the Museum’s lessons organized for the children and youth
  • helping in the preparation of the promotion materials
  • spreading the promotional materials
  • helping the workers at the Museum in the preparation of the exhibitions
  • helping in the preparation and the opening of the exhibition (keeping contact with the guests of the Museum, help in the organization matters)
  • Editing of the of the information on the Museum’s web page
  • helping the Museum’s workers in the guidance of the guests (explaining the theme of the exhibition and giving information about the exhibits)
  • meeting with the guests of the Museum (artists, painters, etc.)
  • help in the preparation of the workshops for the youngsters (handicraft from the past, coinage, pottery, engravey etc.)

Gimnazjum z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi Nr 1

Gimnazjum z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi Nr 1 im. Adama Mickiewicza, is a Junior High School with bilingual classes located in the region of Lower Silesia, Poland.  The students attending our school are between the age of 13 and 16. The total number of pupils is 400, there are also 40 teachers and 21 administrative workers employed. The school is open in the weekdays from 7.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m.

At this school pupils learn two foreign languages English and German.  There are some bilingual classes in which students have additional hours of English lessons and during some subjects like Mathematics, Geography etc. The teachers present their lessons using English. There are also a lot of activities connected with the development of language skills. Language teachers organise a lot of competitions connected with the progress in English and broadening the knowledge about European Union and English speaking countries all over the world. Our school organises language-teaching tours e.g. to Prague, English training tours to London, international students’ exchanges, going to theater for performances in English, organising Languages Days.

The school has a lot of clubs, which can be joined by the pupils from our school such as: language, club, dance club, music club.. There is a club called “KEKS” and its main aim is to help children to discover the cultural aspects. Children are taken to the theatre and opera. Besides, there are tours organized connected with the history of Poland. In the school there is also a club which organises nights at school showing films (which are often displayed in the original language version). Some of our students are musically gifted, they attend musical lessons, learning to sing or play instruments and giving performances during school assemblies or performances for our town community.

In our school there is also the students’ council which consists of representatives from all the classes in school. The council often organises different kinds of competitions for students, take part in collecting food for poor people or homeless animals, organising discos.

The example of typical activities for the volunteers:

  • the volunteer will organise or take part in workshops, which are usually carried out after class activities and or during regular lessons;
  • the volunteer will take the part in sport activities such as skiing, tennis, swimming, volleyball, basketball;
  • depending on the volunteer’s interests he/she can take part in PE, Art, Dancing, Music or other regular lessons showing students his/her skills and teaching them something new for example Traditional dances;
  • the volunteer will take part in helping the student leading a different kind of clubs such as:  music, dance, art, etc.:
  • the volunteer will also take part in school festivals and trips e.g. sport trips, visiting exhibition, and he/she will be free to initiate his/her own projects and ideas;
  • the volunteer will also take part in regular English lessons, preparing presentations about their country, culture, geography but also topics connected with the students course book such as education system, types of houses, famous people;
  • the volunteer with the co-operation of the teacher and pupils  will  help to improve  our website, finding the most interesting articles to write about, taking photos connected with school life and interesting cultural events.

Send your CV and Motivation letter together with 2 photos from your everday life to FIOHAPPLICATIONS@GMAIL.COM . PLEASE don’t forget to mention the title of the project, which will be the name of the hosting organisation.


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