Looking for Participants for a YE in Cyprus: 

Number of participants: 8+1

Deadline for Applications:

APV Dates: 26-28 July   2019

YE Dates: 13-21 September  2019

Summary of the project:

 DE.MO.CR.A.CY.” is a multilateral Youth exchange that will organized in Agros Cyprus between 13- 21 September 2019 and will include 40 participants from Denmark, Moldova, Croatia, Armenia and Cyprus. Main reason why we would like to carry out this Youth Project, because we believe that youth is the main driving force for positive changes for the better democratic Society, and Youth Policy is one of the most important prerequisites for it. So all the partners will bring and will share their different background, stories, approaches. Even the youngsters involved here they are so different between each other and this will lead them to experience the exchange and activities in “extreme/limit conditions” but ideal for achieving all the objectives set in the planning phase.

Young people are underrepresented in decision-making processes which affect them although their engagement is crucial to democracy. They need access to physical spaces in their communities to support their personal, cultural and political development. the project had a main goal to strengthen young people’s democratic participation and autonomy as well as provide dedicated youth spaces in all areas of society.

We would like to implement a project which aims to achieved the following:

– Promote and encourage youth for active participation among the European society,

– Make participants understand a concrete point of view of what EU is doing for citizens;

– Support young people in finding their role in society, by giving them instruments and a clear understanding of their opportunities;

Please send your CV with a Motivation Letter to fiohapplications@gmail.com with 1 photo from your everyday life.

Don’t forget to mention the title: YE_CYPRUS