Title: Healthy YOU-th

APV Dates: 25.06.19-28.06.2019

Project Dates: 09.09.19-17.09.19

Number of participants for APV: 2 (1 leader, 1 participant)

Number of participants for the Project: 5 (1 leader, 4 participants)

Venue: Abovyan, Yerevan, Armenia

Project Summary:

The project will promote healthy lifestyle through physical activities including sport and at the same time will raise cultural awareness of participants. They’ll learn about traditions and cultures of different countries. The participants involved in the youth exchange will learn, see and explore different types of sports and healthy lifestyle as well as they will learn about the problems that youth have in other countries and try to rise and reveal it to the society. It hopes to initiate a change in culture whereby inactive people take small steps to being active in society, feeling encouraged to take part in sport and physical activities in an environment where they feel welcomed and comfortable, and getting to know about healthy lifestyle.

Profile of the participants: 

-to have the ability to use English as the working language throughout the project (at least basic);
– to have a willingness to fulfill an open and active role in the youth exchange;
-to be interested in healthy lifestyle, sportive (not professional required);
– the availability to attend the full duration of the project;
– an opportunity to share new information, skills and contacts within their own organization and youth in their countries;
-to have a willingness to share the gained skills with his/her communities, to make the project to have multiplier effect.

Funding: All expenses are covered. Flight tickets will be reimbursed according to EU regulations.

How to apply: Send your CV, motivation letter  and 2 photos to fiohapplications@gmail.com