The seminar was about Social Entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is all about recognizing the social problems and achieving a social change by employing entrepreneurial principles, processes and operations. SE is a business method to adress a social and environmental problems in an innovative way. The seminar brought together people who run SE or interested in it.

There were 30 participants in the field of youth from 9 countries: Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Czech Republic. The aim was to teach what social entrepreneurship is, to learn ways to run it and to get new ideas to make it in your country. It was done by non-formal education methods such as group-works, interactive games, study learnings, sport activities and so on.

The days were full of amazing days and interesting meetings with local people, who run social entrepreneurship. Everyone shared their experiences, opinions and challenges. We saw different social entrepreneurs in Latvia. They helped us to understand how we could run SE. What was important things, that we should focus on. We discussed what kind of problems we could solve in our countries. They taught us to use “Business canva”, which would help us to make others understand our idea well.

We had a workshop with youngsters, who want to start a business and we showed them ways to start it, to develop or to make it better. The project was very successful and helpful.
The project taught us new interactive ways to work with the youth. It gave us several hints how one simply works in a team effectivly. The practice on time management helped us in improve our management skills. Most importantly it let us befriend with the representatives of other countries. After seminar we had a great party together. We had fun, we danced a lot, sang together, told each other about our countries, our national dishes, our traditional holidays, showed our traditional dances and so on. The very moment I stepped out of the airport, I knew I am going to like it. It was even fun to get lost in Riga especially with all the foreign participants and discuss some global problems giving our own solution.Those freezy nights we spent outside seemed the way too warmy because it was all about sharing what you have and getting some new indescribable feelings.We got a great number of new good friends sharing our similarities and differences throught the project. From the perspective of the essence of the project we learnt that one may get extremely successful by helping other, by starting social entrepreneurship