Blue and white… Seems like there is not any other emotion besides blue and white. In the streets, on the walls, in the sky, and even in peoples hearts and word there is no other color. Only blue and white…
My future after EVS… I have been asking myself this question during these days in Bodrum. Now when the project is finished,

I have to say it is the hardest question right now.
One thing that I learned during these days is that the kind if work you do is not the most important thing, it is about who you do it with, and about the people who care for you in your private life.
This EVS gives me strength to create a new chapter in my life, which actually seems like empty blank, without concrete plans at the moment. I hope I will enjoy and face these upcoming new moments and challenges with all the things I have learned and get in these 4 weeks in Bodrum. I learned how kind and giving human being can be, even when they don’t have much to give. I learned how one of the biggest equalizers of our society is storytelling and sharing of self. I opened new windows of understanding, compassion, education, and take time to listen and communicate with our community members.
Even when you thing you are helping others, volunteering changes you. It can be just a little thing that completely changes your outlook, or your point of view and changes you in general. When serving others, I got more happiness then i could ever have hoped to give people. I have been encouraged by finding the joy of people in the darkest of places , and they motivate me to do the same.
Days I spend in Bodrum has changed me, and now it is my mission to make the world smile, laugh and see the beauty in every day. I will not wait to enjoy life later, because I have understand that life is happening now and there, and you can’t miss the chance to be happy now.
The only thing better than being happy is being able to make others happy, and this volunteering allows me to accomplish both.
Just show love, give love and be in love. You will not regret it!