From 18-24 of November there took place a project under the name “Youth on Board” in Polanica Zdroj in Poland. The project gathered participants from 16 countries: Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Malta, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine and Cyprus. Our country was successfully represented by the member of Future in Our Hands NGO Agnes Kheranyan.

It was a training course which was aimed to train youth workers in First Aid, to be able to provide a proper first aid assistance and to control their stress in emergency situations. As well the participants discussed occupational safety and health of participants with fewer opportunities in the projects.

During the project the participants learned how to prepare risk management plan in their organizations and established several common rules for safety during implementation of their projects which they will adapt to the need of their organizations and to their socio-geographical conditions.

The project prepared youth workers for active, aware and responsible participation in society and to stimulate such an attitude among young people with whom they work with. As well they created partnership wit each other which will contribute to the growth of projects involving young people  with fewer opportunities for volunteering, youth exchanges and training courses.

The training course was funded by an Erasmus+ project and was hosted by the partner of Future in Our Hands in Poland Europejskie Forum Mlodziezy.