From 6-14 of October in the frames of Erasmus+ youth exchange project “Get Health, Get Active, Get Involved” Future in Our Hands Youth NGO hosted in Armenia youngsters from 6 European countries.
Participant organizations were the following: Spain -“Pokhara”, Georgia-“ Caucasus Youth Nexus”, Ireland-“ Love & Care for People”, Czech Republic- “Proactive Mind”, Macedonia -“ Youth Council”.

The main aim of the project was to promote active citizenship and healthy lifestyle through physical activities including sports, outdoor activities and different workshops, as well pushing youngsters to bring it into their daily life. The participants practiced different sports every day, namely football, basketball, volleyball and yoga, cycling, as well they had different workshops and discussions on healthy lifestyle.


As well as the participants created a promotional event, sharing apples and healthy quotes to local people, as a sign of promoting healthy eating.

Besides practicing on their own, during the project the participants had several football, basketball and volleyball matches with local school teams. And the final football match took place in Abovyan Sport Stadium on 12th of October.

The participants had the chance to try cycling organised in cooperation with Abovyan Cycling Club, volleyball and Basketball matches together with Geghashen Primary School’s Sport Club, at the same time Football matches with Kotayk and Kotayk 01 Teams.

The project  involved hundred of youngsters in the sport activities from local areas, promoted Erasmus+ project.

Besides promoting healthy lifestyle, the project helped the participants to establish good relationships between themselves, learn about traditions and cultures of different countries and cooperate with each other. During the project they taught each other their national dances, sport activities and traditional games this way introducing others their cultural peculiarities.

The project was funded by Erasmus+ program. It was hosted by Future in Our Hands Youth NGO.