From 29 June till 2 July Future in Our Hands hosted 4 youngsters from Turkey in the frames of the project “Social Entrepreneurship trip between Turkey-Armenia”.

The aim of the project was to put social problems of 2 countries on the table and make workshops for solving the problems by innovative ways.

The idea of the project was to bring together youngsters from Armenia and Turkey, give them a space to think about those problems they have in their countries and their solutions through different methodologies.

During the project the participants visited local social business place in Yerevan. They had a visit to Loft self-development and multifunctional center, where they were introduced to the history of creation of the cent and its scope of activities. The tour motivated them with good examples of already successful social business existing in Armenia.

At the end of the project the participants from Armenia and Turkey made mutual a social business plan based on social problems encountered in Armenia.

The activities were carried out in Future in Our Hands NGO, the travel grant of participants was funded by Hırant Dink Foundation in İstanbul and the accommodation was sponsored by JR’s house hostel in Yerevan.