From 04-12 May for youth workers from Future in Our Hands Ngo Successfully took part in an international training course “Identit[ies], Geender meets culture”, which took place in Muica, Spain.

The project aimed at developing youth workers’ understanding of the intersectionality of identities and the relations between gender and culture.

During the training the participants were focused on exploring the role of culture in gender-related. A variety of dynamics and methods were used: plenary, group works, guided self-reflection, guided imaginary, reflection groups, theatre techniques etc.

The skills the participants got will later help them to tackle gender issues efficiently when working with youth.

During the TC there were 24 youth workers from 6 countries: Estonia, Armenia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland. Besides actively participating in the TC they also shared their ideas and experience in the context of current issues related to the topic of the project.

The project was funded by Erasmus+ program. It was hosted by EUROACCION Association Murcia. Armenian partner organisation: Future in Our Hands Youth NGO.