From May 25 to June 3 an International Youth Exchange project too place in Daugavpils, Latvia. The project named “Window to Europe” aimed at promoting young people’s awareness and understanding of European cultures and their diversity with dance and sports, national dishes, folk games and music.

There were 24 participants coming from Latvia, Romania and Armenia.

During the whole project the youngsters were involved in different local activities, flashmobs.

The project was divided into 3 parts.

First of all, they prepared for the “Move week”, during which they organized sporting activities for locals to promote healthy lifestyle.

For the 2nd part, they prepared for the International Children’s day festival, which was held in the city. During the festival the project participants had several performances on the stage as well a face painting workshop for the children.

And the 3rd part of the project was a football match with local Football Players Club, which aimed to provide the youngsters an exchange of experience at international level.

All in all, the project helped to improve knowledge and skills of participants about European cultural diversity and to know more about the cultural differences through nonformal activities.

The project is supported by EU, within the frameworks of Erasmus+ program in cooperation with in cooperation with Daugavpils Street Culture in Latvia.